We Knew What He Was Then

I wrote the article below way back on March 10th, 2016!    Many conservatives knew then before he became the Republican nominee that he was resoundingly “unfit to be president!”  Read my article carefully.  I was in no way alone in this line of revulsion.

   Follow sane, articulate leaders that have guided the Free World out of tribal darkness into a global community.

Then do what is necessary to remove this menace from leading our country and the rest of the Free World into an angry, anarchistic mob attempting to reverse our hard-won freedoms.

March 2016


By Patricia Moloney Dugas

While the World Watches: For the 2016 election, there were several viable Republican candidates with a clear message for the country and the world, but they were blown off stage by the absurd onslaught of one Donald Trump.  Because of angry citizenry who have been convinced by a hyperbolic media that The Country is Broken, the irrational, often bizarre declarations of Trump were hailed as the anti-political voice of a messiah.

Bullying His Way: The freakish narcissism exhibited by Trump as he belittles, mocks, and shames all other candidates with destructive adjectives — “low-life, stupid, racist, ignorant, little Marco, and his favorite, liar.” While everyone else is a liar, he then declares himself to be smartest, kindest, best, and the greatest businessman “ever!” – all indications of a truly unbalanced person. His grandiose social and economic promises, i.e., the great wall, halting China, the Iran treaty, romancing Putin, bombing the Middle East, ending Obamacare, could never be implemented. Pure bombast.

His Racism has no Bounds:  Muslims, illegal Mexicans, Middle Eastern migrants are amongst those Trump has blatantly threatened to exorcise from the country when he moves into the White House. The voice of the reason remains silent.

Media Collaboration:  The more Trump blustered, the more free prime-time coverage he received, to the detriment of all other more qualified candidates. The FOX news channel championed his antics to the delight of angry, rebellious citizens.  The die was cast.

New Defense:  Once the stage was cleared of most of the viable contenders, the remaining GOP candidates, in order to stem the tide, started using kind-for-kind personal attacks back at Trump.  Like bullies in a school yard, they snarled at each other while the world looked on — shaming themselves and America. The voice of logic has been silenced by a media-driven side show.

Moral Decay:  Alarmingly, there has been no public outcry – no moral stand – no disapproval of how destructive his out-of-balance tirades are.   Instead of dismay – there is a resounding howling, shrieking approval from the audiences at the debates and rallies.  The voice of reason remains silent.

Phenominon  to Aberration  to Embarrassment: Attempts now by the Republican leadership to stop the embarrassment of a Trump candidacy could potentially set in place a fire storm — releasing the public bitterness created by a biased media.  As the possibility looms that we could end up, by mishap, with a bully candidate, we can only blame the misled, misinformed, hostile public that wants only to turn upside down the precarious stability achieved by president Obama who successfully brought America out of the 2008 financial disaster while the rest of the world economies are still floundering and failing.

America Has Lost Her Way: What a sad commentary. We have lost our nobility. The world is watching us make utter fools of ourselves – while they are waiting for leadership from America. We are turning our great nation over to the disillusioned and discontented rabble. Our Congress has failed us and promises to continue to do so should another Democrat regain the White House. More years of stubborn defiance from a failed Republican Party.

All this disillusions our nation friends while empowering our enemies. If America is to lead the world through the 21st century, we had better take this election process seriously.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer, Palm Springs, California



And We Watched It Happen
By Patricia Moloney Dugas
With all that humanity has experienced since the dawn of time, we find ourselves in abysmal disgrace. Look at us. Were we all created flawed? Diminished? Or, indeed, were we created imbued with divine wisdom and knowledge but became flawed by the societies and beliefs we have chosen to embrace? Here is where our world stands now.

ISIS INVADING THE MIDDLE EAST Violence beyond measure. Beheadings. Massacres. Videos of their gruesome atrocities. Supreme vicious destruction beyond human endurance. As they metastasize, we endure – blind to the increasing danger to us all.

Their inhumanity should have set the rest of the world on fire! How have these shameless marauding gangsters gained such power? Because there is no counter-force to stop them. They are not waging war, they are committing crimes against their brothers and sisters. If not for humanitarian reasons, use the self-interested excuse that the collective economies in the Middle East and all over the globe will suffer. Even self-preservation does not persuade us to seriously intervene.

THIS IS NOT A HOLY WAR: This is savage hatred – the basest of human emotions. The astounding abuse and disregard for women and children is beyond all human comprehension. The sadistic crushing of all that is feminine in their cultures only exacerbates unbridled masculine wars of revenge. Their young men grow not as warriors but predatory scavengers – armed with guns, tanks, and facemasks to hide their ingrained hatred.

No longer can we accept the age-old excuse that these tribes have been at war for fourteen centuries fueled by a clash of ideologies. These ‘beliefs’ are an excuse – a contrivance that allows them to wreak vengeance on all in their path – in the name of their brutal god that demands savage brutality. Their motive is instead, a secular re-structuring of the Middle East with ancient traditions that contradict all that mankind has achieved in its struggle for human equality. Women and children will suffer the most. This will only serve to drive the Middle East back into the dark ages.

A WORLD OF REFUGEES: In Africa as well as the Middle East, there are millions of refugees fleeing to neighboring countries and living in unbearable confinement for years! They had to flee for their lives in fear of the irrational savagery of these marauders. Will they ever be able to go home? Is there a home, a country, a government that has not been ravaged and plundered – left anywhere? By all that is ‘Good and Pure and Holy’ with today’s shared knowledge and wisdom, why is the world turning so brutal? Are we our brother’s keeper or predator?

IN NIGERIA: The Boko Haram continues unabated their radical Islamic reign of terror.
In our own Western Hemisphere: “Organized crime has taken over Mexico and Central America,” said the former President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon on the Amanpour program. “60,000 murdered. Vigilantes taking over,” he continued.
Unheard of in human history, thousands of child refugees from Central America have been flooding unabated across the southern borders of the United States, often sent by parents, often molested or brutalized on the way, to escape the inhuman violence of the drug wars. Not religion this time, but drugs to feed the free world’s appetite for anesthetics. To feel good while Rome burns?
Global Blindness     In the face of all this global terrorism, the cowardly impotence of our Congress, of the United Nations, of the European Union, and the Western free nations has already served  to empower this terrorism. And they are laughing in our faces.

OUR OWN INTERNAL TERRORISTS: We have ‘terrorists’ (those who would harm our country) right here in our own house. Those with electoral power who want so badly for the president to fail, they are blind to the effect their dangerous rhetoric is having on the country and its image abroad as the leader of the free world. Unreasoned. Even these terrible tragedies happening live before our eyes cannot quell the obstructionist’s vicious attacks on president Obama and his party. They instead use these calamities as fallacious fuel for their attacks. There is an alarming blindness to what is happening all around us and what our moral duty is. If not moral or humanitarian, then at least economic considerations? The terrorist’s hatred of America and the West is what drives them. Crush at any cost. Do we wait for another 9/11 to wake us up?

Our nation is also blinded internally by political, racial, and sectarian hatred¬, fueled by the news and Social Media, except we use dangerous rhetoric instead of guns against each other. These divisions may never heal. Are we even capable of setting aside hate and pulling together? Must we take away the ‘chicken in every pot’ to wake up those who could help?

Biased media is spewing endless lies to satisfy their prejudiced executives. Cable TV uses these atrocities as headlines hour after hour, with video clips to emphasize what’s happening “out there.” We give these butchers a global audience free of charge. Are we so de-sensitized not to care?
This is a Global Emergency There is a collective evil greater than any in world history. We can use the words ‘hatred’ and ‘evil’ now. Is it possible to change the course of human history? Take notice.

The European Union mobilized with incredible speed when Putin, breaking international law, annexed Crimea and then amassed 40,000 troops on the border of Ukraine with the full intention of pulling that nation back into the Soviet Union. The solid power of the collective EU halted Putin in his tracks by non-military means. They spoke the language of economic deterrence. Peace can no longer be enforced by local militias.

A COALITION OF WESTERN POWERS: The U.S. is only one military force but a solid coalition of Western powers — committed to world stability – with an active and readied military – a Global Guard –would create an effective deterrent. There would be an army ready to destroy those who would invade and brutalize other nations. Only a real fear of annihilation will send the message that radical terrorism will no longer succeed. National leaders such as those already deposed in the Middle East can no longer rise to the tyrannical power that has ruled through history.

OUR MOMENT IN HISTORY: There is a tangible negative energy permeating the world’s very atmosphere, spreading a global anxiety never experienced in the history of man. Social Media drones on and on. We cannot escape the terrorism mushrooming on every continent of our tenuous planet. Our logic, our sanity, seems to have been drained away and buried in the trash we have made of our home. There is no spirit, no honesty, in our pitiable attempts to stop the decline. We may no longer have the time or the ability to heal our planet.

Humanity has always seemed to believe in a creator, a force greater than ourselves. Have we become so jaded because of our non-compliance with the divine and natural law, that we cannot find our way back?

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer in Palm Springs.
Website: http://TheSocietalTamperer.com
Twitter: @artrician


A SOLID COALITION OF WESTERN POWERS IS THE ANSWER – a force committed to world stability – with an active and readied military – would create an effective deterrent to those who would invade and brutalize their neighbors.

National leaders such as those deposed in the Middle East can no longer rise to the tyrannical power that has ruled throughout human history.

Only the free nations can lead the way.

This is a message taken from my article on bit.ly/16uyXowcopy


Memorial Day Flower Drop 2014 at the Palm Springs WWII Air Museum
By Patricia Moloney Dugas

The enthusiastic crowd, mostly bedecked in patriotic clothes and colors, roamed through the Palm Springs Air Museum, waiting for the annual Memorial Day Flower Drop. They could be separated into two groups. The young people with children had come to visit the museum and wait to gather the flowers dropped by that funny old, noisy airplane. “WWII” was just something they read on the front of the building.

The second group was made up of old-timers (like myself) who experienced WWII first hand; watching newsreels in the movie theatre, (no television yet), listening to the AM radio for news of the war, sitting in the dark during blackouts and watched the search lights eerily scan the sky. War movies filled the theatres to assure us that we were the good guys, the invincible; “Guadalcanal Diary,” “Back to Bataan,” “Corregidor,” titles with power.

The weather was an extreme 106 degrees – with guests gathered inside the hangers, standing under the wings of the silent B-25 that would carry aloft the 3000 red and white carnations loaded into the bomb bay – each flower representing those who have been lost in our many wars. I lost my uncle in Guadalcanal. We met his body at the old train station with a priest to bless the metal box his remains were in. One of these flowers will be for him, I am sure.

My brother came back from Korea a very young but very broken young man. He did die a little there. He did not come back my same brother, but he did come back.

But then something happened. We learned the irreconcilable difference between WWII and the “skirmishes” that followed: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan – areas of the world we have only helped set ablaze. During WWII, we were the good guys; heroic, dedicated, noble, beyond reproach. The enemy were the bad guys; a cold-blooded, inhuman evil that had to be eliminated. War was good then.

However, during the Korean ‘Conflict’, we learned the terrible truth. The ‘bad guys’ were really ‘good guys’ just like us, with families and children just like us, now battered and broken, who needed to go home just like us. No more patriotic newsreels. Live television showed us the realities of war – they bled just like us.

War turned out to be a loathsome futility.

The Honor Guard marched in solemn cadence. We stood in the sun and sang with our hand over our hearts as they played the National Anthem. To accompany the WWII B-25 Mitchell Bomber, they also flew a Douglas C-47 Skytrain military transport. To add drama to the flights, after the first pass of the two vintage planes, an Honor Guard performed a 21-gun salute. After the second pass, they played “Taps” that had to catch in your throat at the funereal solemnity it represented.
There was a sorrow for all – us and them – all good guys lost – driven by the appetites of military commanders that convinced us war is necessary. Killing is good.
After a very successful third pass that dispelled the solemnity, the bomb bay doors opened and the sky was filled with red and white carnations drifting down on the crowd. As the children scooped them up, they did not fully understand that each blossom represented those Americans lost in the service of their Country.
Are we destined to repeat this service perpetually, or will there come a time when no more new flowers need to be added – when war will become outdated like these planes that flew above us at the Air Museum on Memorial Day, 2014.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer
Palm Springs, California
Twitter: @artrician

Hey Scruffy – I’ve Got Bad News!

 To all you men now growing scruff on your faces – I’ve got bad news. 

 Are you thinking you now look mature, mysterious, sophisticated, even alluringly primitive?

 NO!  You just look scruffy, mangy, unkept, down-at-the-heel, unemployed!  Older? No. Just OLD! Guys, look in that mirror you don’t use any more — it ain’t pretty. First tattoos, and now this?

 Do you sorta look like George Clooney?

  NO!  You look like Brett Favre – out of grace and out of a job!  Maybe even like an unshaven reprobate like doctor House!   (… advanced apologies to the truly  unemployed…)

 Will you grow into a silvery Sean Connery?  NO!  You’d need his British accent, his blue eyes, silver tongue, and savoir-faire.

 Instead, you look like the destitute hanging around the 7-11 with scruff and spikey bed hair.

 Do girls want to kiss you?  NO!  Scratchy, scruffy, speckily.  But what is women’s real anxiety?  If you no longer bother to shave, well, maybe you — uh — don’t bother to bath?

Women have not yet come to grips with tattoos. But take heart, girls, when their sociability returns, they can wear long sleeves and at least shave off their stubble to take back their real identity – the guy you dated/married.

 Why is this happening?  Is it an Armageddon preoccupation? A religious conversion?  Fighting wife for the bathroom sink?  As men scruff up, women are taking more off. Sleeveless cocktail dresses, bare skin, more exposed, while the guys are covering up.  Go figure.

 Patricia Moloney Dugas


Women Under Seige

Women Under Seige

I had to make a statement about the abuse of women escalating all over the world.

This is the first sculpture I did. It is called “Women Under Siege”



Is the assault on women on college campuses a rebellion by males on the growing success of female students?
Is the assault on women all over this planet also a result of the emergence on the intelligence, successes, and social rise of women of every culture?
Is this the result of women having the courage to thrive?
Is this the result of males failing to thrive?
The balance of the feminine and the masculine is the only hope for saving our planet.
So, guys, breath a sign of relief.
Let’s share the responsibilities to make a better world.



By Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance writer

Palm Springs, California


The situation in Ukraine is now more weighty than the medieval conflicts in the Middle East. What transpires there will set the course of history for years to come.  Will the escalating nations finally opt for logical, conciliatory negotiations, or decide to continue the current methodology of weapons & warfare, wasted lives, cities, and economies — all that are now fueled by irrational ethnic and national hatred. 

No “religious” excuses now.  Pure hatred rules these illogical controversies. Logic be damned.

Only the stabilization of world societies and economies will there ever be a healing of global suffering & deprivation that now depend on the cessation of these unreasoned hostilities.

The biased press currently ruling our nation cannot blame this one on president Obama, the Democrats, the Tea Party, or Congressional impotency.   This Ukrainian conflict serves to represent the festering discontent all over the globe that is eclipsing the more serious human issues now facing all nations and all peoples.

Woe to those who chose to continue on this path of destruction.

Patricia Moloney Dugas




A wounded Miss Liberty

Wounded Miss Liberty

Charles Dickens In Washington:  In a Dickensian atmosphere, 311,684,000 Americans are standing outside the walls of Congress, a hand extended, waiting.  Are they looking for charity? A handout? A crust of bread? Another bowl of porridge?
NO!  They are waiting for those in there to make something happen – now.  They want what their taxes have already paid for.
As The World Watches:  And what are those politicians doing inside the hallowed halls of Congress?  Playing cards!  Or Ping Pong!  While the country is combusting, these noble leaders sworn to protect us, are bouncing the ball back and forth, playing Chicken! They are alarmingly unaware that the world is watching with dismay, their “childish” game playing. They see the leaders of the free world holding the financial stability of the global markets in their hands. They, along with the 311 million outside, are dumfounded at the blind chaos they have created. When the card game is over with no winner, some kind of deal will be struck – before the deadline?
The Overriding Evil:  The GOP is determined to bring down the president no matter what happens to the smoldering government. Off to Hades with the 311 million. Evil is a harsh word to use, but deliberately terrorizing your constituents is itself an evil.
“Are there no Workhouses”:  While they duel, they tell them to get lost!  They are already lost. With their game of Chicken, they unashamedly threaten the elderly, the poor and infirmed, the unemployed; they will cut off Medicare and Medicaid, stop Social Security checks, cut social benefits, etc., until somebody blinks. Besides, they have wars to wage, countries to invade.
The Town Criers: The complicit media, like vultures on a fencepost, wait to scrape up the tattered carcass and continue to play their own games of gottcha reporting. Hang the sensitivity of frightened citizens. They will assure us that we just barely escaped destruction at the hands of Congress. But be wary, it may happen again. Stay tuned.
Dickensian AbandonmentNever before has the American public felt so abandoned by their government – the public display of impotence from these politicians further serves to increase the despair. Are they willing to risk social unrest to further destroy our trust?
“Please Sir, I Want Another Bowl of Gruel.” Go stand in the rain!
They are already outside, standing in the rain.
Patricia Moloney Dugas
Feel free to use this article to let them know how you feel.  Use the social media to send this to them. http://bit.ly/royceN

TWITTER – The Death of Depth — Is brevity the soul of wit?

bl-moi filming surfIs Twitter brevity truly the soul of wit — or twittered tidbits of the witless?

Exeunt preponderance and perspicacity.   Enter brevity, abbreviation, and bombast!

With 140 to play with in Twitterland, there is no time/space to dawdle with depth and dimension.

As we stumble over truncated Tweet codes, we sense the tension of half-thought thoughts.

 These dictums, once struck, can never be retrieved.

140 meager, incomplete characters have been sent off into the literary abyss. Our souls entailed.

Will we ever again have time to ruminate, recollect, or reminisce?

Must we wade through lists of gobbledies hoping for a glimpse of a 140-penned profundity?

Alas that it should come to this….  

A world of tweeny, teeny, twitters…


Ask the American public what they think of what President Obama calls, “Symbolic Gestures and Posturing” that Congress is throwing at us. This is no longer typical political bantering.

Our leaders are not taking serious the threats they are barking at the public when they step up to the microphone and hurl lies and gross exaggerations about their opponents. They ban together in their partisan hostility with not one rational voice ready to compromise.

Because the Republicans will do or say anything  to bring down this president, they are blinded by this goal while America sinks helplessly into this debt crisis.

They want us to live in that frightening abyss so they can take over the White House in 2012.   Alarmingly, with no one ready, willing, or qualified to run, will the Grand Old Party have to throw a Michele Bachman in to rule over our fractured country and the flailing financial crises.  Or will it be whoever wins the fickle popularity polls to become the succeeding leader of the free world.

If the GOP had a list of qualified, intelligent, stable, believable candidates in the wings ready and capable of taking over the country, we could at least feel some assurance that we are not in the hands of belligerent imbeciles.

Make no mistake – this visionless scenario is as frightening as the debt crisis. The blind arrogance of this Congress is carelessly terrifying the elderly, the poor and infirmed.

So what is the Recovery bottom line here  Jobs, jobs, jobs.  Congress and the voracious media are hell bent on scaring the wits out of us with a form of media terrorism bordering on national  collapse. Who can expand their business, hire more workers, buy more materials when they are being told incessantly that the world is coming to an end, the world market is collapsing, or at least, that American is ALREADY down the drain. Expand the economy? Who will shop, buy a new car, a home, with the manufactured threat of depression hanging over their heads?

Are we then expected to go back to our lives after the voracious carnage has ceased and the best liar has won?   No!
We have no control whatsoever over our future that is now in the hands of children completely unaware that the storm is upon us.  Time to stop the game playing. Lightning is about to strike and these ‘kids’ don’t know enough to get in out of the rain of destruction.

Banish the media from Congress, take away their mikes, take away their lunch, send them to their rooms and tell them not to come out until they can behave.

Americans, you can tell them we no longer trust them to protect us. Use the ever present Social Media, email, or 800 numbers to let them know.

See also my essay; “It’s Okay To Feel Paranoid. They Really Out To Get Youhttp://bit.ly/nJZSwu.

If we speak up, we can make a difference.

Patricia Moloney Dugas