Prescription for a Walking Somnambulation

My poem about the over medication of our elderly.

 They lose connection with their lives and friends. Even forget their prayers…

Remember Auntie B, now roaming

in her world of forgotten dreams.

Could not remember prayers and hymns.

Her memory’s gone awry, it seems.


Turns out the capsules in the kitchen

have stolen away her mind,

they paralyzed her thinking and

left somnambulating auntie behind.


Poor forgetful Auntie B was

ever so faithful to her piles of pills

believing all the while these potions

were needed to cure her ills.


A bottle of capsules to start the day,

a pill for this, and a pill for that.

A tonic to sooth the ills from pills.

Oh yes, a note to feed the cat.


But lo, one day, her nephew came

and seeing her vast apothecary,

called up the doc and like as not

he can’t see why she’s been so scatty!


He can write you out a dream or two.

to help you forget your tribulations.

Remind him then of Auntie B

and her prescribed somnambulations.