Who Else to Blame for this Electoral Disaster?

Who else is to blame for this election disaster – putting a snake oil salesman in the White House?

 First, the unconscionable, failed Republican Congress that refused to help our nation out of a severe financial crisis. Obama had to do it by himself.

Second, the complicit media that created this reality TV charlatan.

But, third, add to those villains, the 43% that didn’t vote at all. Almost half of the eligible voters stayed silent and let America be shamed world-wide.

Shame on all of you with no convictions to help your country dismiss this buffoon, and cleanse the path to the White House for someone who was, at least, qualified to serve – even after being viciously crucified by the consummate political liar, Donald Trump.  And you believed his terrible lies and exaggerations because YOU WANTED TO.  You wanted his false promises. The heart of America remained silent.

You who did no vote may rue the day you allowed this ego hungry narcissist to upset the balance of the world as well as our country – trying to “Shake Things Up” just because you were “dissatisfied” with the mess our Republican Congress dishonorably created for us.

It’s a shame you didn’t bother to stay away from fallacious, biased television coverage to do your own soul-searching and research to at least be honorable enough to vote in the preliminaries for a real Republican that should have been selected instead of the buffoon.

You may very well rue the day.


Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer in Palm Springs, California





A wounded Miss Liberty

Wounded Miss Liberty

Charles Dickens In Washington:  In a Dickensian atmosphere, 311,684,000 Americans are standing outside the walls of Congress, a hand extended, waiting.  Are they looking for charity? A handout? A crust of bread? Another bowl of porridge?
NO!  They are waiting for those in there to make something happen – now.  They want what their taxes have already paid for.
As The World Watches:  And what are those politicians doing inside the hallowed halls of Congress?  Playing cards!  Or Ping Pong!  While the country is combusting, these noble leaders sworn to protect us, are bouncing the ball back and forth, playing Chicken! They are alarmingly unaware that the world is watching with dismay, their “childish” game playing. They see the leaders of the free world holding the financial stability of the global markets in their hands. They, along with the 311 million outside, are dumfounded at the blind chaos they have created. When the card game is over with no winner, some kind of deal will be struck – before the deadline?
The Overriding Evil:  The GOP is determined to bring down the president no matter what happens to the smoldering government. Off to Hades with the 311 million. Evil is a harsh word to use, but deliberately terrorizing your constituents is itself an evil.
“Are there no Workhouses”:  While they duel, they tell them to get lost!  They are already lost. With their game of Chicken, they unashamedly threaten the elderly, the poor and infirmed, the unemployed; they will cut off Medicare and Medicaid, stop Social Security checks, cut social benefits, etc., until somebody blinks. Besides, they have wars to wage, countries to invade.
The Town Criers: The complicit media, like vultures on a fencepost, wait to scrape up the tattered carcass and continue to play their own games of gottcha reporting. Hang the sensitivity of frightened citizens. They will assure us that we just barely escaped destruction at the hands of Congress. But be wary, it may happen again. Stay tuned.
Dickensian AbandonmentNever before has the American public felt so abandoned by their government – the public display of impotence from these politicians further serves to increase the despair. Are they willing to risk social unrest to further destroy our trust?
“Please Sir, I Want Another Bowl of Gruel.” Go stand in the rain!
They are already outside, standing in the rain.
Patricia Moloney Dugas
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