ART – My Mind’s Abstractions

Dutifully studied art at the New England School of Art and The Museum s-boat-sketch-smof Fine Arts Boston art school, etc., etc., etc.  I painted nice stuff. Toyed with Semi-abstract seascapes for my Boston audience.

While nursing my third child, I chanced to take an evening class near Newbury Park, Calif.  The transition morphed.  Wibl-Still Green Blues2th the background music of Man of La Mancha’s “Dulcinea,” I fell into the world of abstraction.  There is no need to see life in real-time anymore.

Enter the world of woman under seigeclay.  I then turned my abstract sketches into clay.  This sculpture was my first – – “Women Under Siege” Their minds, their hearts, and their children.


To be a true artist, you must experience real devastation to truly feel life as it can be. During a desperate time of depression, I could not lift my head and shoulders. Hence…





My wonderful, creative French-Canadian mother Ida Marie Theresa Thibodeaux Moloney Hingston gave me my Dad’s manual cameras – Exacta and Nikon’s classic FM2 .   When moving to California, my photographer daughter Bobbi Dugas taught me the ‘art’ of photographing life as I chose it to be.  Of course, I then had to photograph “in the abstract” as well.

My choice of subject – “Classic & Muscle Cars” that easily lend themselves to abstractions of their glorious past.



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