Trump Has Irrevocably Divided America

A wounded Miss Liberty

Wounded Ms Liberty

Trump’s false promises have irrevocably divided America.   You – as I – have friends, relatives, and neighbors that have become fiercely seduced. Gone over to the Dark Side. There is no room left for rational debate.

They want to illogically believe Trump will fix everything HE claims is wrong – all by himself – because he is the “smartest, cleverest, kindest, most caring person” ever to claim the presidency. This seriously delusional narcissist will save us from ourselves.

We dare not speak – we risk losing friends and relatives if we criticize this frightening Bombast. 

I am a conservative that wants change but the Republican Party has failed us.     They don’t have the courage to defy Trump and give America an honest, strong game-changer. Some important Republican leaders have defied him, but they remain silent. They just won’t speak out – like this bad dream will go away.  Because they have failed so miserably, the door has been opened for a fool to rush in.

The anarchists have been unleashed.


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