My Election Tweets – If You Missed Them

These are my tweets during the 2016 Election process.

I am deeply concerned with the selection of Donald Trump for president whom I consider completely and personally unfit to lead the country (and the Free World).  His only method is the cruel, vicious, and fallacious attacks to utterly destroy Hillary Clinton.  This is my indictment against Trump and not my approval of Hillary.  Pat Dugas.   

Here are my tweets during July, 2016

  • America has lost its conscience! They cannot think. They listen to biased, dangerous media and believe. They cannot think it through.
  • Trumps outright denial of plagiarism is his methodology. All his people lying over and over. Will he run the country the same way?
  • Do you delight in the Hillary barracuda feeding frenzy by the GOP? They have no plan only destroy Hillary. Is this moral democracy? Shame!
  • Is Democracy a Dirty Word? Lies, attacks, tear to shreds, demoralization? Does Freedom of Speech lead to a media frenzy of exaggerated lies?
  • Evil people will do and say anything to crush opponents. The treatment of Hillary tonight shows how evil the Trump camp is. Shame!
  • Bush turned the world upside down when he invaded Iraq.The US has been on a down spiral ever since. We are paying the price 4 blunder.
  • GOP liars liars liars. One after another denying the plagiarism charge over Trump’s wife’s speech. Then blaming Hillary. Wake Up America!
  • Trump tweeted: “@CNN is the worst. They go to their dumb, one-sided panels..” He hates all media. Who does he expect to cover him favorable?
  • Trump said he selected Cleveland, Ohio. He lied. It was chosen even before he ran for president. He is a liar. Wake up America.
  • Trash and Bash – the Trump method of dealing with difficult adversarial issues. Trash and Bash them is his way of life.
  • Trump has managed to drag his wife down to his level of incompetence. You want him to run the White House? Trump is an empty shallow fraud.
  • Trump has managed to drag his wife down to his level of incompetence. And you want him to run the White House and NATO? Wake up America.
  • The Hatred spewing out of the Republican convention is as grievous as any other form of terrorism if you believe their lies! Don’t listen!
  • America’s disgrace: GOP using libelous lies about Hillary to drag themselves up out of the muck to win – no real answers just scandal lies.
  • “Open Carry” OPEN CARRY !?! Ohio law you can ‘wear’ a gun or rifle! Cannot “wave it or point it” – “handled safely” until, of course…
  • Slate@Slate   Dear GOP: This is the man you’re about to nominate to be president. Are you sure about this? 
  • A retweet…) Trump Ghost Writer tells all Trump unfit to lead.
  • Convention: The real GOP not there – refusing to be a part of it. Anti-Trump radicals ready to pounce. Times require honesty, integrity, honor

Please give serious thought before voting for this media-driven buffoon.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer in Palm Springs, California, USA.


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