By Patricia Moloney Dugas

Who broke America? Let’s start at the top.

Villains #1  Those we sent to Congress! Their unconscionable, blind determination to thwart President Obama at every turn has brought the country and the American public to a state of disillusionment and stagnation that may never heal.

Congress had choices. In the midst of the direst emergency, they refused to put aside their arrogance to protect the U.S. from disaster. But their poisonous choices against Obama and the Democrats immersed the country directly into the divided, angry virus that now permeates all political atmospheres.

The 2016 election is upon us.  Instead of logic and intelligence, we have both parties marching headlong behind two radicals, Trump & Sanders, howling at the moon, promising illogic solutions. They will destroy those in power, put a “chicken-in-every-pot, drive out troublesome races, and restore America’s greatness. They alone can save this broken nation –  broken by Obama alone — all according to an unbridled & biased media. This is not a Reality TV show that ends at 11:00pm. We will have to live in the mess that is happening.

President Obama, in spite of their constant obstruction, has brought us through this economic disaster while the rest of the globe is still floundering, some on the brink of collapse.

If Hillary Clinton, the seemingly most qualified to become the next leader of the free world, (let’s not forget what’s at stake here…), becomes president, this self-destructive Congress will serve up another 4 to 8 years of continuing bitterness and resentment, and remain irreparably stalled as it has been since 2008. The world is watching our blind, destructive, adolescent behavior as we foul our own nest.

Villains #2:  Most regrettable is the reprehensible media that has declared the nation ‘broken’ and created an atmosphere of terrible anger and revenge. They greedily thrive on the very controversies they have already created by solely focusing on the bizarre, while seriously ignoring all other viable candidates. The more bizarre Trump becomes, the more celebrity he gathers by denigrating all in his path – calling his fellow Republicans reprehensible names – adding negatives that will shame them forever in the public square. The incessant power of the media and the anonymous witlessness of Twitter & Social Media only feed this rebellion.  They are dividing friends, families, political parties, religious groups, and the nation at large.

Villains #3:  So do we blame Congress and the unconscionable media alone? Or shall we add to this virus the angry, bitter American public who have thoughtlessly latched onto the bizarre radicals performing on stage, posing as viable presidential material, howling at the moon, while trampling on the American psyche and leading this parade of hate. They are foolish enough to cause serious rebellion should things not go their way. We stand at the edge of a self-inflicted abyss.

Back to Normal After November?  Not on your life! The psychological damage and divisions already created by self-appointed radicals with the support of the media, have left America shamed and torn asunder. They are trashing our freedoms & our nationalism in exchange for their 15 minutes of infamy.

The only possible solution to this social tragedy is to use the power of the ballot. Vote in the remaining sane candidate. If we chose a radical, then, indeed, God bless America – save her from this angry madness.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance writer in Palm Springs, California, USA

Twitter:  @artrician

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