Christmas Is Depressing to the Depressed

Christmas Is Depressing to the Depressed

by Patricia Moloney Dugas

  How dare I attack the joy of the Christmas Season?  Because there are those who are assaulted by the “Good News” that has been trampled by the media.

          Christmas time is acutely depressing to those who are struggling to stay alive emotionally, and the media exacerbates their pain.

          Fault the media?  TV suspends all that has been a lifeline for them.  Familiar series & programs, sports, good movies — all are suspended until the “New” Year. All that has been familiar and necessary to maintain equilibrium in their troubled lives not only has been taken away but is replaced with Christmas Pablum.  Endless unreal stories depict life’s traumas miraculously cured with loving, holy, but illogic healing – all the things so missing in their own realities.

          Once the Pablum has been consumed and Christmas joy melts away, reality sets in. The frantic world returns. The depressed are still left loveless, unprotected, rejected by all that has meant something to them.  What was intended (commercially) to lift their spirits only falsely re-emphasizes the emptiness they are consumed with.      Brotherhood disappears.

          If you in no way can relate to this dilemma, have never lost all connection with your life and loved ones, or have never craved a merciful end to the fear and rejection that consumes you, then you are blessed. Silently offer a blessing to those who are there. If you can, reach out to them, let them talk to you, support their needs without judgement. The Christmas message.

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