DEMORALIZED FREEDOM OF SPEECH  If we believe most Muslims are kind & loving people following their own spiritual path, how can we condone or defend the scurrilous denigration of their holy prophet? Where is our humanity, our nobility?

If we are truly a planet of human brotherhood – how can some raise a pencil in defense of a twisted view of liberty,  giving those degenerate  literary extremists on that magazine who, WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE, knowing they would TRULY, TRULY offend the core of this religion’s beliefs, print that magazine? Over and over?

What kind of logic comes from the minds of these abusive self-styled ‘satirists’?  Is there ever a limit that must not be crossed?  What drives those few who deviously need to ridicule some societies? And – why do we protect them? Are we of the same ilk? Is the ‘humor’ they de-generate pleasing to you? Is it really ‘funny’ – worth the abuse it delivers at the expense of the completely innocent?

And so with the film “The Interview” that ridicules the leader of a crumbling nation reeling from insecurity and turmoil. In defiance, Sony spreads the film free and far.  If this is Freedom of Speech, what hope is there for the salvation of this disintegrating planet pitching toward an abyss of decadence and warfare?

Truly, God help us. Are we God’s creation or are we only an invading, festering cancer bent on devastating the magnificent world He has created to house us?  Wake up planet.  This is not a game.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer, Photographer.

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