TWITTER – The Death of Depth — Is brevity the soul of wit?

bl-moi filming surfIs Twitter brevity truly the soul of wit — or twittered tidbits of the witless?

Exeunt preponderance and perspicacity.   Enter brevity, abbreviation, and bombast!

With 140 to play with in Twitterland, there is no time/space to dawdle with depth and dimension.

As we stumble over truncated Tweet codes, we sense the tension of half-thought thoughts.

 These dictums, once struck, can never be retrieved.

140 meager, incomplete characters have been sent off into the literary abyss. Our souls entailed.

Will we ever again have time to ruminate, recollect, or reminisce?

Must we wade through lists of gobbledies hoping for a glimpse of a 140-penned profundity?

Alas that it should come to this….  

A world of tweeny, teeny, twitters…

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