Ask the American public what they think of what President Obama calls, “Symbolic Gestures and Posturing” that Congress is throwing at us. This is no longer typical political bantering.

Our leaders are not taking serious the threats they are barking at the public when they step up to the microphone and hurl lies and gross exaggerations about their opponents. They ban together in their partisan hostility with not one rational voice ready to compromise.

Because the Republicans will do or say anything  to bring down this president, they are blinded by this goal while America sinks helplessly into this debt crisis.

They want us to live in that frightening abyss so they can take over the White House in 2012.   Alarmingly, with no one ready, willing, or qualified to run, will the Grand Old Party have to throw a Michele Bachman in to rule over our fractured country and the flailing financial crises.  Or will it be whoever wins the fickle popularity polls to become the succeeding leader of the free world.

If the GOP had a list of qualified, intelligent, stable, believable candidates in the wings ready and capable of taking over the country, we could at least feel some assurance that we are not in the hands of belligerent imbeciles.

Make no mistake – this visionless scenario is as frightening as the debt crisis. The blind arrogance of this Congress is carelessly terrifying the elderly, the poor and infirmed.

So what is the Recovery bottom line here  Jobs, jobs, jobs.  Congress and the voracious media are hell bent on scaring the wits out of us with a form of media terrorism bordering on national  collapse. Who can expand their business, hire more workers, buy more materials when they are being told incessantly that the world is coming to an end, the world market is collapsing, or at least, that American is ALREADY down the drain. Expand the economy? Who will shop, buy a new car, a home, with the manufactured threat of depression hanging over their heads?

Are we then expected to go back to our lives after the voracious carnage has ceased and the best liar has won?   No!
We have no control whatsoever over our future that is now in the hands of children completely unaware that the storm is upon us.  Time to stop the game playing. Lightning is about to strike and these ‘kids’ don’t know enough to get in out of the rain of destruction.

Banish the media from Congress, take away their mikes, take away their lunch, send them to their rooms and tell them not to come out until they can behave.

Americans, you can tell them we no longer trust them to protect us. Use the ever present Social Media, email, or 800 numbers to let them know.

See also my essay; “It’s Okay To Feel Paranoid. They Really Out To Get Youhttp://bit.ly/nJZSwu.

If we speak up, we can make a difference.

Patricia Moloney Dugas

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