The Jangled Star Spangled

It’s been a good thing to start sporting events with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.  It is restorative to all – who stand together, with flags and honor guards — saluting the United States of America.

For that very reason, I bring attention to the growing abuse of this, our National Anthem. The recent choice of  pop celeb’s seems to have precipitated a competition as to who can out-jazz the  others, often with screechy results. Some of their modernized renditions border on the irreverent if not  sacrilegious. Francis Scott Key would never recognize these varied vibratos  being bellowed through half-swallowed microphones – often off-Key, so to  speak.

Before football, the crowd is already primed for pugilism – with libations, team  chants, and blow horns. The solemnity of the moment is lost – often drowned out by the howling of the crowd during the final stanzas – as much as to say,  “Let’s get on with the game!”

I am not recommending that we do away with The National Anthem, but let’s substitute “God Bless America” for sporting  events instead. There can be a ‘star celeb’ leading the song, but we can all join in  the singing, and the idea of asking “God” to bless all of us together seems  rather nice.

Let’s leave the Anthem for solemn occasions;  the Olympics,  presidential, funereal, and military states of affair. It was never intended for  football.

Patricia Moloney Dugas

Twitter: @artrician     My sports site:

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