— It’s Okay to Feel Paranoid – They Really Are Out To Get You

A wounded Miss Liberty

Wounded Miss Liberty

If you don’t feel threatened, you should. Your purse, your car, your home, your identity, and even your sanity are all continually, unreasonably at risk. Our children are grabbed off the streets in broad daylight. Young women disappear with alarming frequency only to be found murdered.  Carjacking, home invasion, elder crime permeate our newspapers, local news, and interminable TV news blasts. We are no longer safe – on our streets, in our cars, or even sitting in our homes.
Lack of Humanity:  The devastating level of cold-blooded crime leaves us in constant fear of being robbed, violated, or killed. The level of cruelty used in these assaults intensifies our fear.
Fear Everyone Now:  We are not at risk from foreign terrorist attacks, but victims of random, violent attacks by our own citizens, our very neighbors! We are learning to fear everyone. Don’t help those in distress – they may be criminals in disguise.
Our Human Rights:  Our government marches around the world demanding global human rights, yet American women can no longer go out after dark – use ATM’s – travel alone – and are told never to open their perpetually locked doors. If they do any of these activities, whatever happens – it is implied, is their own fault.
What Homeland Security?  Billions we spend as a nation on Homeland Security against foreign terrorism. But while we monitor others around the world, we at home are swallowed up in crime at every level. Our security is replaced by a barrage of commercials by an over-zealous media on crime prevention, telling us to protect ourselves by paying for security alarms, identity protection, credit card alerts, et al, again emphasizing our vulnerability.
Perpetual Bad News:  We used to go to bed at night and watch the local news for the weather, but now, we are lambasted with one crime after another – national then local crime; the very store we shopped at that day, a fast food shoot-out, drive-by shootings, crime busts, Amber alerts, and on and on. We must wade through the danger we escaped in our neighborhood – just to get the weather.
Armed and Dangerous:  Thanks to an otherwise intended article in the constitution, there is now bizarre free access to all sorts of guns, assault weapons, and ammunition.  Forget a militia against the British, these weapons are intended for street warfare, robbery, and defense against other gangsters. Crime shows and movies are instructional battlegrounds. The few criminals that are arrested and convicted, often repeat-offenders, are sentenced off to crime school – our bourgeoning prison system. While our dedicated law enforcement risk their lives to stop crime, those arrested are often back out on the streets. We have more people imprisoned that all other countries combined.
Irresponsible Immigration:  We threw open the doors to all immigration with the blindness of a drunken sailor on a binge.  Come on in and join the prosperity party. Word got around; the criminal element of other countries packed their bags, got a card or student visa, or slipped in over the border.  They are free to move in, join their cohorts, set up criminal strongholds, and disappear into the fabric of what was America. They know full well the laxity of our justice system.  Their criminal resolve far exceeds the complacency of our citizens, and the government’s preoccupation with foreign dangers.
The American Dream in Danger:  With Social Networking so readily available to almost everyone, we are now able to contact every source of government and the media to express our fears. Facebook, Twitter or blogs, we can take a stand against the loss of our freedom. We must take up Social Networking Armaments and do our part to bring sanity back and restore the tattered American Dream.
Please feel free to copy this article and send it around.
Pat Dugas

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