Our failed Congress is to blame for this increasingly treacherous electoral disaster. Their failure  to protect & to serve  has turned the mood of the country from disillusionment to despair, resentment, and worst of all, rabid radicalism.

Those we have sent to Congress have turned their backs on us, refusing to do their job for subversive, partisan reasons that have brought our government to the brink of destruction. The two-party system has ceased to work and this rebellion may have changed the balance of power in America forever.  It may never work again.

This opens the door for radicals like Trump to poison the very core of our Democracy.

Our founding fathers are turning in their graves.

The stalemate of the Republican Congress has created this ‘Republican’ monster who now claims the White House so that he can lock up the country, turn against our cherished NATO partners, drive out ethnic citizens he deems intrusive and destructive, build foolish walls, alienate anyone in his way, along with the bizarre promises coming out of his treacherous mouth. He has turned against the free press that has been our salvation from tyranny, condemning them all as biased and conspiratorial – helping to ‘rig the election’ against him.

Heaven knows what this out-of-control tyrant will do and say before he is roundly defeated – having torn the country asunder, with the support of the unconscionable media. More seriously, Heaven knows what will happen to the rabid rabble that is waiting for him to disassemble America.

Will the Republican Party have the courage to stop this?  Are they too late to stop the terrible mistakes they are making with this wretched candidate?

God help us, and God help America.


Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer





By Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer

AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?  San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick, at a pre-season football game, defiantly sat down during the playing of the National Anthem instead of standing at attention, with his hand over his heart, honoring the American flag, the military, and the U.S. of A.  Was it his intention to blame all America for the abuses happening in the Black and minority communities? 

ARE THEY MISSING SOMETHING HERE?  Is this growing national protest supposed to make America feel more kindly toward Black issues?   Will the non-racial Americans be pleased to be called racists?  Is Kaepernick’s message all the more damaging when the only solution to all of this lies elsewhere? 

WHAT I AM NOT MISSING:   No amount of sporting protests will fix this.

There is only one solution to all minorities left behind. Not racist backlash.  Only education. Super education! Technical & Trade Education.  Sociological Education! In damaged public schools?  Long before this. It is imperative the parent/s, relatives, grandparents, aunties, neighbors, the church community, whoever is raising these babies must teach them to count their fingers and toes. This is math. Learning letters — if no books, teach them the letters on the cereal box. Make words for the very, very young. Teach them to read long before they go to bad schools. Enliven their curiosity. Read books about the incredible planet, universe, science, and the wonders outside their world. Make literature and science come alive. Again, teach the very, very young to hunger for more learning – because it is their only ticket out of poverty.

 Don’t tell them they are deprived and the hated government doesn’t care about them; instill in each little mind a desire to read and learn as a doorway to success in a career and prosperity. It is the responsibility of all in their own community. 

THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT FIX THESE WRONGS:   Absentee fathers, single-parent and broken homes, abuse, alcohol, drugs, gangs, guns, and crime – brother against brother. These communities themselves must decide this is where the problem lies and have the courage to come together, enliven the male community, police their own schools, neighborhoods, and each other. Tell the government what they need for schools.  Badger local organizations and businesses, state & local school systems, enlist the help of pastors and priests, demand good education because it is the only way to heal these cities and reverse the atmosphere of despair.

Develop neighborhood pre-school learning centers, not baby-sitters, but using aspiring teacher students, church people, retirees, the elderly to help.  Teaching art, reading, math, and social skills to two & three year olds is possible!

THOSE WHO RAISE THEIR FIST IN ANGER – should go into the black community and tell their young men, often fatherless themselves, there is a better way. Revitalize the image of black males.  Bring the Black community into mainstream America. 

Major Black athletes and leaders could make such a difference if only they would wake up and take responsibility by helping to make this happen.  Schools and  involved communities is the only road. 

Instead of demonstrations that only turn off the public you are attempting to blame, enlist the help of the white community to show your sincerity in changing the core of your neighborhoods instead of blaming them for the plight of these desperate cities. Share photographs of the existing conditions. Shame the Federal and State governments, community leaders, and the arrogant media. You can make it happen.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer

www.TheSocietalTamperer.com and my Twitter @artrician

The Jangled Star Spangled

The Jangled Star Spangled

By Patricia Moloney Dugas

It would seem to be a good thing to start sporting events with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. It is restorative to all – standing together, with flags and honor guards, saluting our military and the United States of America.

For that very reason, I bring attention to the growing abuse of this, our National Anthem. The choice of celeb’s seems to have precipitated a competition as to who can out-jazz the others. Some of their modernized renditions border on the irreverent if not sacrilegious. Francis Scott Key would never recognize these varied vibratos being bellowed through half-swallowed microphones – often off-Key, so to speak.

Why is this so? The crowd is already primed for pugilism; team spirit, tail-gating, and primed with libations.  The solemnity of the moment is lost – often interrupted by the howling of the crowd during the final stanzas – as much as to say, “Let’s get on with the game!”

I am not recommending that we do away with The National Anthem, but let’s substitute something else – maybe “God Bless America” for sporting events. There can be a ‘star’ celebrity leading the song, but we can all join in the singing, and the idea of asking “God” to bless all of us together seems – rather nice.

Let’s leave the Anthem for solemn occasions; the Olympics, presidential, funereal, and military state of affairs. It was never intended for football.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer in Palm Springs




The Shame You & Donald Trump have brought on America


By Patricia Moloney Dugas

“She’s a Liar – a criminal!”  “She is a Horrible, Horrible Human Being” August 6, 2016.  “She’s the Devil!”

Because Trump is losing now: his vitriol becomes increasingly more destructive, even libelous. The more he loses, the more poisonous he becomes. The real Trump emerges. He is wounded and has no connection with reality – only outrageous lies and exaggerations of his alone ability to restore America.  He has decimated the spineless Republican Party who stand by and watch.

This is the man you want to suddenly turn global and presidential, take over America, and become the leader of the Free World?  He has repeatedly threatened our NATO family, the European Union, slam the door on all Islamists, Mexicans, refugees, to build walls, break fair trade and other global agreements… – does this please you?

He must be removed now before he destroys what is left of our nation’s integrity. This consummate bully is punching his way through his critics and opponents, or anyone disagreeing with him: “Liars! Cheaters! Rigged!  Devils!

Can’t you see whats happening?  Politics as usual?  No!  It’s the ravings of a delusional narcissist the disgraceful media has turned into its own toy clown. Because you accept him as ‘normal’ you make America look foolish. The shame he has already brought on America tells the rest of the Free World watching with despair, that we approve of his antics.  He’s on his own joy ride, to hell with the consequences. To hell with the need more than ever, for a noble American world leader.

Only my opinionWashington (CNN) “50 prominent Republican foreign policy and national security experts — many veterans of George W. Bush’s administration — have signed a letter denouncing Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy and pledging not to vote for him.  The letter, first reported by The New York Times Monday, warns: “We are convinced that in the Oval Office, he would be the most reckless President in American history.”

Charles Krauthammer Washington Post columnist:  “This is beyond narcissism. I used to think Trump was an 11-year-old, an undeveloped schoolyard bully. I was off by about 10 years. His needs are more primitive, an infantile hunger for approval and praise, a craving that can never be satisfied. He lives in a cocoon of solipsism where the world outside himself has value — indeed exists — only insofar as it sustains and inflates him.”

Shame on all of you:   (1) the biased, unprincipled  media who created and nurtured this charlatan; (2) all the TV commentators who lie to us boldface and defend him, (3) all you citizens  who chose deliberately to bask in his contempt for everything American, and (4) the Republican Party who don’t have the guts to trash Trump, apologize, and bring us a truly viable candidate to carry the GOP banner.  Shame on all of you.

What you fail to acknowledge:  America is not Broken. What you are too blinded to realize is that the rest of the world is in serious financial and social decline while America has come through the 2008 near-disaster because of president Obama, who had to work with a hostile, impotent, Republican Congress. What is broken in America is the hordes of restless, impatient, disheartened citizens who want to lash out and overthrow everything. Wake up and look outside yourself, look outside your party, and look outside at the rest of the world.  Turn back and study carefully, honestly – think responsibly.

To the Republican Party:  Because you have reluctantly stood behind this perilous bombast, the Republican Party has failed to dismiss Trump and then to rally around one of their other candidates to go up against the much maligned Hillary Clinton, deemed undesirable by this same damaging media. The GOP would have a real chance to regain their integrity, and maybe the White House.  Right now, the party is wretched and cowardly. We are at a dangerous crossroads.

To all of you choosing, following, and blindly defending this narcissist on his own private joy ride, do you also choose to believe his misogynistic vitriol against Hillary Clinton?  Is anyone as bad, as mental, as criminal, as dangerous as his absurd portrayal of her?  Shame on him for abusing her and shame on you  for preferring to believe his preposterous accusations. Stop the hating.

When Trump loses: he will claim ‘everyone’ loves and wants him, but it’s a system rigged by Washington politicians, a trashed country, a rigged election — and you will believe him!  He will shake off the dust; go back to his tower, leaving American integrity in shambles.  You too will blame anything except the bombast himself – and your own self.

I ask you to wake up and apologize for your careless, selfish, misguided devotion.   This is not a political issue, it is a moral one. The world is waiting for a noble American leader and you are standing in the way.

Wake up America!


Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer


Twitter:  @artrician

Trump Has Irrevocably Divided America

A wounded Miss Liberty

Wounded Ms Liberty

Trump’s false promises have irrevocably divided America.   You – as I – have friends, relatives, and neighbors that have become fiercely seduced. Gone over to the Dark Side. There is no room left for rational debate.

They want to illogically believe Trump will fix everything HE claims is wrong – all by himself – because he is the “smartest, cleverest, kindest, most caring person” ever to claim the presidency. This seriously delusional narcissist will save us from ourselves.

We dare not speak – we risk losing friends and relatives if we criticize this frightening Bombast. 

I am a conservative that wants change but the Republican Party has failed us.     They don’t have the courage to defy Trump and give America an honest, strong game-changer. Some important Republican leaders have defied him, but they remain silent. They just won’t speak out – like this bad dream will go away.  Because they have failed so miserably, the door has been opened for a fool to rush in.

The anarchists have been unleashed.


My Election Tweets – If You Missed Them

These are my tweets during the 2016 Election process.

I am deeply concerned with the selection of Donald Trump for president whom I consider completely and personally unfit to lead the country (and the Free World).  His only method is the cruel, vicious, and fallacious attacks to utterly destroy Hillary Clinton.  This is my indictment against Trump and not my approval of Hillary.  Pat Dugas.   

Here are my tweets during July, 2016

  • America has lost its conscience! They cannot think. They listen to biased, dangerous media and believe. They cannot think it through.
  • Trumps outright denial of plagiarism is his methodology. All his people lying over and over. Will he run the country the same way?
  • Do you delight in the Hillary barracuda feeding frenzy by the GOP? They have no plan only destroy Hillary. Is this moral democracy? Shame!
  • Is Democracy a Dirty Word? Lies, attacks, tear to shreds, demoralization? Does Freedom of Speech lead to a media frenzy of exaggerated lies?
  • Evil people will do and say anything to crush opponents. The treatment of Hillary tonight shows how evil the Trump camp is. Shame!
  • Bush turned the world upside down when he invaded Iraq.The US has been on a down spiral ever since. We are paying the price 4 blunder.
  • GOP liars liars liars. One after another denying the plagiarism charge over Trump’s wife’s speech. Then blaming Hillary. Wake Up America!
  • Trump tweeted: “@CNN is the worst. They go to their dumb, one-sided panels..” He hates all media. Who does he expect to cover him favorable?
  • Trump said he selected Cleveland, Ohio. He lied. It was chosen even before he ran for president. He is a liar. Wake up America.
  • Trash and Bash – the Trump method of dealing with difficult adversarial issues. Trash and Bash them is his way of life.
  • Trump has managed to drag his wife down to his level of incompetence. You want him to run the White House? Trump is an empty shallow fraud.
  • Trump has managed to drag his wife down to his level of incompetence. And you want him to run the White House and NATO? Wake up America.
  • The Hatred spewing out of the Republican convention is as grievous as any other form of terrorism if you believe their lies! Don’t listen!
  • America’s disgrace: GOP using libelous lies about Hillary to drag themselves up out of the muck to win – no real answers just scandal lies.
  • “Open Carry” OPEN CARRY !?! Ohio law you can ‘wear’ a gun or rifle! Cannot “wave it or point it” – “handled safely” until, of course…
  • Slate@Slate   Dear GOP: This is the man you’re about to nominate to be president. Are you sure about this? http://slate.me/29JhBW2 
  • A retweet…) Trump Ghost Writer tells all Trump unfit to lead.
  • Convention: The real GOP not there – refusing to be a part of it. Anti-Trump radicals ready to pounce. Times require honesty, integrity, honor

Please give serious thought before voting for this media-driven buffoon.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer in Palm Springs, California, USA.


LinkedIn:  http://bit.ly/1yfhRm5



By Patricia Moloney Dugas

Who broke America? Let’s start at the top.

Villains #1  Those we sent to Congress! Their unconscionable, blind determination to thwart President Obama at every turn has brought the country and the American public to a state of disillusionment and stagnation that may never heal.

Congress had choices. In the midst of the direst emergency, they refused to put aside their arrogance to protect the U.S. from disaster. But their poisonous choices against Obama and the Democrats immersed the country directly into the divided, angry virus that now permeates all political atmospheres.

The 2016 election is upon us.  Instead of logic and intelligence, we have both parties marching headlong behind two radicals, Trump & Sanders, howling at the moon, promising illogic solutions. They will destroy those in power, put a “chicken-in-every-pot, drive out troublesome races, and restore America’s greatness. They alone can save this broken nation –  broken by Obama alone — all according to an unbridled & biased media. This is not a Reality TV show that ends at 11:00pm. We will have to live in the mess that is happening.

President Obama, in spite of their constant obstruction, has brought us through this economic disaster while the rest of the globe is still floundering, some on the brink of collapse.

If Hillary Clinton, the seemingly most qualified to become the next leader of the free world, (let’s not forget what’s at stake here…), becomes president, this self-destructive Congress will serve up another 4 to 8 years of continuing bitterness and resentment, and remain irreparably stalled as it has been since 2008. The world is watching our blind, destructive, adolescent behavior as we foul our own nest.

Villains #2:  Most regrettable is the reprehensible media that has declared the nation ‘broken’ and created an atmosphere of terrible anger and revenge. They greedily thrive on the very controversies they have already created by solely focusing on the bizarre, while seriously ignoring all other viable candidates. The more bizarre Trump becomes, the more celebrity he gathers by denigrating all in his path – calling his fellow Republicans reprehensible names – adding negatives that will shame them forever in the public square. The incessant power of the media and the anonymous witlessness of Twitter & Social Media only feed this rebellion.  They are dividing friends, families, political parties, religious groups, and the nation at large.

Villains #3:  So do we blame Congress and the unconscionable media alone? Or shall we add to this virus the angry, bitter American public who have thoughtlessly latched onto the bizarre radicals performing on stage, posing as viable presidential material, howling at the moon, while trampling on the American psyche and leading this parade of hate. They are foolish enough to cause serious rebellion should things not go their way. We stand at the edge of a self-inflicted abyss.

Back to Normal After November?  Not on your life! The psychological damage and divisions already created by self-appointed radicals with the support of the media, have left America shamed and torn asunder. They are trashing our freedoms & our nationalism in exchange for their 15 minutes of infamy.

The only possible solution to this social tragedy is to use the power of the ballot. Vote in the remaining sane candidate. If we chose a radical, then, indeed, God bless America – save her from this angry madness.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance writer in Palm Springs, California, USA


Twitter:  @artrician